May 1, 2016

PI E Commerce Pvt Ltd

PI Tech Solutions

Our IT Solutions are fast, reliable and efficient. We are able to achieve this with the help of our technological team with over a decade’s experience. Attention to detail is given the highest importance when we commit to a project. We are aimed at connecting people and enabling business to achieve their technological dreams and aspiration with the most reliable people and at affordable prices. We work closely with our clients and work under a family kind of environment to truly deliver the perfect product. Our straight forward approach and out-of-the-box thinking further enhances and innovates our clients product.





OUR Products based on SAAS Platform:



Pay india is a consumer brand which mainly targets to reach offline markets by giving incentives for everyday transactions. Pi is focused at empowering the people to buy anything online. Pi achieves this by giving you cashback on your daily expenditure on both your needs and luxuries, which can be redeemed to get anything online. Pi is diametrically different from traditional cashback schemes. It is simple, easy and hassle free. Pi is also partners with a number of outstanding market leaders which provides its customers the best choice to choose from. We, the people at Pi, are turning your expenses into investments.









What is Pi Score ?

Pi score is the world’s first DIY advertising application and the most effective way to utilise every penny that you spend on advertising your product or service and also make your indoor and outdoor advertisements much more effective regardless of presentation skills, market and to get customers to buy your product/service.

Pi Score: Sales Driven By Sense, Efficiency & Value

So here it is, Pi Score, an application driven by Deep Learning techniques, Raw data, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and pure common sense. We truly believe Ad Spends should result in direct sales. So we have devised a way, where every ad has a Pi Score and that will base on solid-tech driven number crunching that is customized to your ad.

It is an integral part of our advanced Pi analytical advertising model. This allows the system to generate sales from our offline customer base widely spread all throughout the city from the offline markets and we connect your ads by using Qr code technology and direct them towards your product/service.

What is the Pi analytical advertising model ?

The Pi analytical advertising model is a unique internationally patent protected system. It is a custom designing system developed by Pi.
Using this can always get companies Sales > your ad spends. It achieves this by sourcing the offline market incentive driven system.

How does Pi Score work ?

To get the Pi Score advantage, you need to register your Pi Score account on our website at Then you will need activation of your account. Upon activation of your account, you can buy PI credit directly from the online portal, start an ad campaign, generate and attach your Qr code on your indoor/ outdoor advertisements using our portal and make it hassle free to your customers. Thus, this would instil a faith of goodwill in your customers and drive them towards purchasing your product/service and at the same time you can now have a track of your sales too from our billing software.

What advantage does Pi Score give to me?